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What Marijuana Plants Need

Have you been thinking about growing marijuana plants, but hesitated because it seemed hard? Growing a weed plant is easy; it’s growing a healthy one that’s the challenge. You can’t learn how to grow the best weed plant from a single article, but you can learn some of the basics. I’m going to teach you what weed plants need to produce the best harvest. 

Basic Facts About Marijuana Plants

Knowing what your plants need is the first step to growing healthy weed plants. Thankfully, these needs can be easily placed into six categories. Once you learn these six ‘things,’ you can provide them in proper amounts.

6 Things Healthy Marijuana Plants Need

Adequate Water

Two of the most confusing aspects of growing marijuana is knowing what weed plants need and how much of it to give them. In fact, most growers fail at this many times before they eventually grow healthy plants. Truth is, it takes a lot of time and effort to yield optimal results.

However, when you learn the fundamentals, you’ll reach that point much faster. 



Generally speaking, cannabis plants grow fast without much help. However, they still benefit from well-balanced nourishment. The proper nutrients can strengthen the plant, increases their resistance to diseases, and accelerate their growth. They also help weed plants produce high yields of those potent buds we enjoy.

In other words, a weed plant flourishes when it has everything it needs to thrive. But what are those “things”? 

If you are a first-time grower, you need to know the answer to this question. These “things” are important because they aren’t just required for growth; they decide how successful your plant can be. A lack or excess of any of them can cause your plants to stress. 

From experience, I can tell you, a stressed-out plant is a lot harder to grow. 

Weed plants have needs 

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